Antonella Morgillo

Born and raised in Caserta in the early 80s, Antonella Morgillo is the founder and designer of the brand the bears her name. Educated by artisans and surrounded by the Bourbon magnificence of her birth place, she has developed love and knowledge for decoration and handicrafts. After attending the Art Institute of St. Leucio, she moved to Milan to complete her education at the School of Fine Arts, motivated by her experience, passion and strong determination. After her studies, she worked at the style department of Romeo Gigli and for other important fashion designers on the Milanese stage like Ermenegildo Zegna, Fratelli Rossetti and Mila Schon. Her experience, knowledge and ambition have led her to start her own Brand and build her personal style that combines her creativity with the artisan world of hats. Furthermore, her love for decoration and novelty helped her develop her designs, which are meaningful, imaginative and rich in details. Her inspiration originates not only from curiosity and from the ongoing search in the tradition, but also from a special regard to our constantly evolving modern world: a combination of past and present that gives life to Antonella Morgillo’s unique interpretation. AM hats are meant for contemporary women with strong personalities, who want to express themselves through the accessories they wear. Her collections are a mix of materials and elements that tell stories and frame beauty, inspiring a new fashion concept in keeping with the excellence of Italian craftsmanship. Her hats are timeless symbols that define a distinct identity through a continuous connection between opulence and elegance.
“The hat is the feature that makes us unique”